Why Lindsey Vonn’s The Pack Was Really Canceled

The Pack will not be getting a second season.

E! News has learned that the Amazon Prime Video competition series hosted by Lindsey Vonn will only have one season. This news, which was first reported by The Wrap, comes after footage leaked of participating dogs facing a seemingly distressing challenge.

However, this situation is not what sparked the show’s cancelation. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is actually to blame for The Pack‘s short-lived run.

A source tells E!, “Since it’s a travel show, it was hard to continue to shoot the show with the current COVID landscape.”

The series followed 12 dogs and their owners as they traveled the globe competing in various challenges. At the end, the winning pair fetched a $500,000 prize and an additional $250,000 was given to their charity of choice.

Olympian Vonn hosted the show alongside her own pet pal, Lucy. Speaking of Vonn, our source said the famed skier would never associate herself with a project that “would mistreat animals.”

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