Trying Something New with Proven Methodologies

Have you been working with excess inventory liquidators to sell your business’s inventory, be it overstock, returns, or otherwise? If so, you likely know how frustrating, slow, and inefficient the process can be. Despite these problems, when the time comes to liquidate, there’s no way around it. Luckily, there is a better method than what you’ve been doing. It, will however, require some changes in how you think of liquidation. After all, to get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

When you represent a top retailer with a long history, doing something new can be hard. It means pulling away from how you’ve always done it, which can seem like an unnecessary gamble for a profitable business. Unfortunately, this play-it-safe approach doesn’t bring new ideas to take your organization to new heights of operational efficiency and profitability. And it certainly doesn’t provide as many useful data points for evaluating company performance.

At B-Stock, we are all about new ideas. Especially when it comes to efficiently increasing recovery rates on your overstock, returned, scratch-and-dent, and even salvage merchandise. There is a demand for all goods, no matter the category, quantity, or condition—it’s just a matter of accessing the right buyers.

Moving Beyond Traditional Excess Inventory Liquidators

When running a business, it can be uncomfortable t0 venture into uncharted territory. Trust us, we understand that. We’ve been talking to leaders in the retail space for nearly 15 years now. They’ve helped us revolutionize the liquidation industry and understand how to help sell your business’ inventory as efficiently as possible. Through our unique model, B-Stock has become the world’s largest B2B auction platform, connecting retailers to entrepreneuring buyers in an efficient, secure, transparent environment for conducting sales that circulate your goods into the secondary market.

Our sellers who’ve worked with traditional liquidators most often cite the following pain points:

  • Low recovery rates
  • Inefficient process involving back-and-forth calls, emails, and spreadsheets
  • Too few liquidation partners to reliably move out inventory
  • No control over buyers or resale channels or who buys merchandise

B-Stock provides manufacturers and retailers with a purpose-built auction platform that creates competition, naturally gaining you the highest prices the market can offer. Even better, your private online marketplace is customized to your standards—brand your marketplace exactly how you like, vet potential buyers to handpick which can bid,  and control where and how your goods are sold. Plus, with a broad network of over 500,000 buyers across the globe, a liquidator closing up shop or passing on one of your lots will never slow down your operations. Further, our account management and marketing teams continuously work to offer strategic guidance and bring new buyers to you.

Can you trust B-Stock to sell your business’ inventory?

In a word, absolutely. With well over 10 years of experience, B-Stock has developed an auction strategy playbook with proven results across all verticals. We liquidate everything from paper to mobile phones and apparel to appliances. We have a proven record of success with partners across every vertical in which we operate. But don’t take our word for it, check out some of our client success stories:

Ready to Try Something New?

If traditional excess inventory liquidators are slowing down business and lowballing you on your perfectly good, unsold or customer returned merchandise, it’s time for a change. With B-Stock, higher recovery and access to a massive worldwide buyer pool await. So do brand protection and channel control like you’ve never had before in your liquidation process. If these benefits sound good to you, we think you’ll love what we can do for you.

Contact the experts at B-Stock today to see a demo or learn more about how we can help.

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