Tom Brady throws touchdown to Drew Brees’ son in touching moment after NFL playoff matchup

Two legendary quarterbacks faced off in what will likely be their last game together, and they shared a special moment after the game.

Tom Brady got the best of Drew Brees in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, but it was all love afterwards. After the two 40+ year old quarterbacks battled it out, they shared a few moments after the game. Initially, when the players had their typical post-game handshakes.

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And then much later, the two were seen hanging out on the field together.

Brees was with his wife, Brittany, and his children. It was a touching moment considering this may have been Brees’ final game in the Superdome. Along with the Brees family was Brady.

The two quarterbacks hung out with one another for quite a while after the game.

There was a moment where Brady threw a touchdown pass to Brees’ son.

Brady left soon after, but Brees stayed.

According to NFL Network’s James Palmer, Brees and his family remained on the field for nearly two hours after the game ended.

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