The State of The Bachelorette Now That Tayshia Adams Is Here

Other than a brief interruption for an update from Clare and Dale Moss—who are apparently doing just fine—and the fact that only four guys stepped out of limos, this felt like a pretty typical first or second episode of The Bachelorette

One guy named Jason (the one who did that deep therapy date with Clare) did leave because of the feelings he still felt for Clare, but he assured Tayshia on his way out that the other guys were so there for her. 

In fact, as we saw, one guy was so there for her that it’s scary. 

“Tayshia is the primary objective,” Spencer explained to the guys, which is a totally normal way to talk about women. Perhaps this first impression rose won’t be quite as successful as they often have been in the past, unless Tayshia’s really into the kinds of guys Riley likes to describe as “lunch meat.” 

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