The Masked Dancer Just Shocked Us All With the Moth Reveal

It’s not often that an unmasking leaves us with our jaw on the floor, but our jaw is on the floor.

Tonight’s episode of The Masked Dancer ended with Miss Moth being eliminated, forcing her to take off her mask and reveal her dancing self to the world. After panelist guesses ranging from Karlie Kloss to Monica Lewinsky to Omarosa, it was Brian Austin Green who got it right on the money when he guessed Elizabeth Smart

Yep, that Elizabeth Smart—the woman who, at age 14, was kidnapped from her home in Salt Lake City in 2002. She was found nine months later and made headlines all over the world. Now, she’s an activist, author and public speaker and runs the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, which aims to bring hope to victims of sexual assault. 

Her identity was not a total surprise since Brian managed to guess it, but it still was a pretty shocking moment.

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