The B-Stock Minute: The iPhone 12 Release

It’s no secret Apple device launches always cause a splash on the mobile scene, so the upcoming iPhone 12 release should be no different. As the first-ever 5G iPhone, the 12 will surely be a hit with consumers—so what will that mean for the secondary mobile market?

The iPhone 12 Release: What Can We Expect?

On today’s B-Stock Minute, Mobile Strategic Account Manager Dave Whitlock shares insights on average depreciation of used iPhones, trade-in cycles, and what we can expect following the iconic phone’s release:

About the B-Stock Minute

The B-Stock Minute is a weekly, one-minute video series dedicated to updating you on the most recent trends that B-Stock is seeing in every area of our business. In addition to today’s video talking about the iPhone 12 release, check out our other B-Stock Minute videos related to the Mobile secondary market:
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The world’s largest wireless manufacturers, carriers, and trade-in companies are currently leveraging B-Stock’s B2B marketplace platform for their trade-in and excess mobile devices and accessories. Across our network, more than 3 million phones and 5 million accessories are sold annually, giving us great insight into secondary market trends. To learn more, visit our Mobile page.

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