Spice Girls’ Melanie C Recalls “Cruel and Heartless” Tabloid Treatment

Sporty Spice is getting candid about “the lows of being famous.” 

In a heartbreaking essay penned in The Guardian on Saturday, Sept. 26, Melanie C (short for Chisholm) revealed the challenges she has faced in the spotlight since the 1990s, including depression, an eating disorder and pressure from tabloids.  

“The lows of being famous were devastatingly hard,” the 46-year-old said. “I was vulnerable, and the tabloids were cruel and heartless. It pushed me to the point of illness. I was struggling with an eating disorder and suffering from depression. I had everything I’d ever dreamed of, and was desperately unhappy. It’s often forgotten that people in the public eye are human.” 

She added, “At that stage in your life you’re not equipped to deal with the pressure.”

Mel C said she avoided getting help for a long time, and then offered her advice to others facing similar experiences.

“You need to get to the point where you’re ready for help – that’s the hardest bit of starting to get better,” Mel C said. “People around me knew things weren’t right, but I was ashamed and could see no way out, so avoided them. When the time came, it was down to the professionals. Remember this: you deserve a better life. I continue to say it to myself and to others.”

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