Rockefeller Center Just Saved 2020 With This Epic Clapback

If there’s one thing trees know how to do—it’s serve up some shade. 

As this traumatic year comes to a close, Rockefeller Center is continuing its decades-old tradition of displaying a larger-than-life Christmas tree for the month of December. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the center announced that the 2020 tree had officially arrived at Rockefeller Plaza after the giant Norway spruce made the journey from Oneonta, N.Y. 

“Let the holiday season begin!” the Rockefeller Center Instagram account proclaimed. “The 2020 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has officially arrived at the Plaza.”

However, not everyone had holiday cheer in mind as they spoke up online. In the comments, critics made fun of the tree and some noticeably barren branches. For example, one comment read, “This tree looks like 2020.”

“Wth,” another person wrote. “Did you get it on sale??? Its very skimpy.”

“Is the tree okay?” a concerned social media user asked. Meanwhile, this person quipped, “I guess they don’t want to waste a good tree on 2020.”

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