Nikki & Brie Preview New Total Bellas: Sex Fails, Births & More

Speaking of quarantine…that’s yet another reason season 6 of Total Bellas is going to look a little different. 

“It’s crazy because when the season was supposed to start to film, COVID had hit, so we got postponed two months,” Nikki recalled. “Total Bellas was one of the only shows that started filming in the U.S. in the entertainment industry…we were in this bubble, crazy strict rules. We’re all testing a few days a week. No one can leave the homes, we only filmed in the homes. There could be no glam, no stylist.”

Nikki added that the latter—combined with the fact that early on, many clothing stores were shut down—led to her repeating quite a few outfits on camera.

“This is as I was growing majorly, so then we go to filming, I’m like oh my gosh I need to order some stuff online. I couldn’t order anything,” she said. “So you guys are going to see what I’m wearing the season—literally there are times I’m doing my green screens, and Brie made fun of me, I’m in a slip.”

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