Keke Palmer’s Unfiltered Selfies Will Help You Feel Better About Acne

Keke Palmer is baring her skin and speaking out. 

If you’ve ever struggled with acne, the 27-year-old multihyphenate can certainly relate. The former daytime talk show co-host took to social media on Tuesday, Dec. 1 with a candid message to fans paired with unfiltered selfies of her blemishes

“Hey you guys, for some of you this may be TMI, but for me my platform has always been used for things much greater than me,” she wrote in the caption. “Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome has been attacking me from the inside out my entire life and I had no idea. My acne has been so bad that people in my field offered to pay for me to get it fixed.”

Despite trying typical solutions—Accutane, changing her diet, drinking water—Palmer had not been able to find relief until she took things into her own hands. “My blood tests were fine. But it took ME taking a personal look into my family that has a history of diabetes and obesity, to understand what was ACTUALLY happening with me,” she wrote. “And unfortunately doctors are people and if you don’t ‘look the part’ they may not think that’s your problem. They may not even suggest it if you ‘look healthy’ whatever that means! I came to a doctor in tears once and all they offered was a measles vaccine… Exactly.”

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