Is the ‘Jonas Blessing’ sports conspiracy theory real?

We all know about the Drake Curse, but what about the Jonas Blessing?

In a video shared on Twitter, Nick Jonas explained an interesting conspiracy theory about successful athletes and their connection to the Jonas Brothers — and he has plenty of examples to prove it.

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In the video, Jonas explains how three professional athletes have won three major championships this year after going to Jonas Brothers concerts.

“For all you athletes out there who want to win championships and Grand Prix and everything in between, listen up,” Jonas said. “The key to success is to come to a Jonas Brothers show. It’s basically the reverse of the Drake Curse. Let’s call it the Jonas Blessing.”

The singer continues, “No one is talking about the very, very obvious theme here. To fully understand this conspiracy, we have to back things up to Sept. 22, 2019.”

On that day, Patrick Mahomes attended the Jonas Brothers’ show in Kansas City, Mo. A few months later, the NFL star won the Super Bowl with the Kansas CIty Chiefs.

Jonas then moves on to their concert on Dec. 10 in Arizona.

“Who was there you might ask? Oh, Cody Bellinger,” Jonas said. “Cut to Oct. 27, the Dodgers win the World Series.”

And the final example surrounds the Jonas Brothers show in Paris on Feb. 22, which was attended by Formula One star Lewis Hamilton.

“Just last week he won his 92nd Grand Prix, the most of all time,” Jonas said. 

He concluded, “Just remember, it’s not about how hard you practice, how naturally gifted you are. It’s about the ‘Year 3000,’ ‘When You Look Me in the Eyes,’ ‘S.O.S.’ and, of course, ‘Sucker.'” Jonas added, “Congrats to all you Jonas-loving athletes out there who were smart enough to come to a show. You deserve those championships.”

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