How Guy Fieri Became the Restaurant Industry’s Hero Amid COVID-19

He asked restaurants to send him a dish that he could prepare at home. With help from his youngest son and camera guy Ryder Fieri, 15, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Takeout was created and 20 episodes have been shot.

Since the pandemic began, Guy has heard from strangers who have said his shows and fundraising efforts have made a difference. And as he celebrates his 53rd birthday on Friday, Jan. 22, perhaps the greatest gift is knowing his small acts have made a big difference.

“[People] came up to me and said it was unbelievable. ‘It wasn’t just about the money, it was that people we didn’t even know cared about us,'” Guy recalled hearing when speaking with Travel + Leisure. “The restaurant business is there for everybody: it’s a place to eat, to feel good, to hang out, to interact. And they’ve never asked anybody else for anything.”

Now, more than ever, they need our appetites and appreciation. 

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