Get to Know the Couples From 90 Day Fiancé Season 8

Over these past eight months of pandemic and what feels like 33 years of presidential election, who among us hasn’t considered marrying a foreigner for a ticket to literally anywhere else. 

It feels like 90 Day Fiancé might be more relatable than ever, and luckily there’s a new season coming to help us all through these crazy times. Seven new and returning couples will have their stories told in season eight, which premieres Dec. 6 on TLC. 

As usual, these are not going to be smooth rides. 

Can Julia, a go-go dancer from Russia, learn to live with Brandon‘s conservative parents on their farm in Virginia? Will Hazel be able to find a nice girlfriend to join in with her and Tarik in Virginia Beach? Can the 27-year-old Ryan stop flirting with other women long enough for Stephanie, 52, to be sure he’s really in this for her? Will Rebecca, 49, get scammed by Zied, her 27-year-old Tunisian fiancé? 

We’re all going to find out soon. 

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