Chris Evans & Brother Scott Are Having the Ultimate Scare Competition

Chris Evans is sending a message: “Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None.”

Over the weekend, the Captain America star shared the latest addition to the scare competition he has going with brother Scott Evans, 37, on his Instagram Story.

In the clip, the 39-year-old actor waited until Scott walked into the kitchen before suddenly shouting his name. “You idiot,” he laughed behind the camera as Scott suspended in shock. He later shared the video to his own Instagram account and added, “Oh, it is on.”

Of course, as fans may recall, this only adds to the long line of on-screen scares the brothers have shared. The kitchen fright was actually payback for a recent scare on Chris and his dog Dodger.

In an Instagram Story, Scott gave Chris a jump-scare just as he was entering the house with Dodger. In the video, Chris could be heard talking to Dodger, laughing, “You goof, you goof. Okay, get inside, go inside,” before being scared out of his mind by a hidden Scott.

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