Brian Griese’s story about Nick Foles, Matt Nagy play-calling turmoil a ‘miscommunication’

Bears quarterback Nick Foles explain his apparent displeasure with the offensive play calls from coach Matt Nagy because of a story from “Monday Night Football” color commentator Brian Griese during Monday’s broadcast.

Late during the “MNF” telecast of the Bears-Rams game, Griese nonchalantly relayed a Sunday conversation he said he had with Foles in which the current Chicago quarterback was critical of his coach’s calls.

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“We were talking to Nick Foles yesterday. And he said, ‘Sometimes play calls come in, and I know that I don’t have time to execute that play call,'” Griese said. “‘And I’m the one out here getting hit, and sometimes the guy calling the plays, Matt Nagy, he doesn’t know how much time there is back here.’ So that’s something that they have to get worked out.”

If Foles was displeased with Nagy’s calls before Monday’s 24-10 loss to the Rams, his opinion couldn’t have improved much after: He was harrassed all night long by the LA defense, getting sacked four times and taking eight quarterback hits. That showed up on his statline in the form of a 28-of-40 passing night for 261 yards and two interceptions.

When presented with Griese’s comments after the game, Nagy said he hasn’t had any discussion with Foles that suggested the quarterback was unhappy with his play calls.

Foles said it was a “miscommunication” with Griese.

“That was definitely a miscommunication with Brian and I. We do these pregame conversations the day before the game just to give them information,” Foles said after the game. “Coach Nagy and I have great conversations on the sidelines. So, there might be times we go through it beforehand and say ‘what do you think?’ And there’s times you got to get the ball out quick and whatnot. But, in those situations, Matt and I have a great relationship on the sideline with conversations and everything. I think in that situation with Brian it was a miscommunication of words. That’s not what I was trying to bring across in that conversation.

“When Coach Nagy and I talk on the sidelines, we’ll go through plays and different situations and go through the defense. I’ll be honest, like, ‘hey, right now, maybe get the ball out quicker. They’re bringing some pressures and whatnot.’ … Part of that was, ‘Hey, maybe we don’t have the time right now for this type of drop because of what they’re bringing, the pressures they’re bringing.’ It’s easier with that to go, ‘hey, 1, 2, 3 ball out.’

“That’s where the miscommunication (with Griese) lies. Those are actually conversations Coach Nagy and I have on the sidelines so that when we go to the field we’re ready to roll. I think that’s a valuable relationship I have with him, to be able to talk like that and understand specifically for me to talk about each game is its own entity so you have to understand how to play it in the appropriate way.”

For what it’s worth, ESPN stats show Foles’ eight sacks (after Monday’s game) would rank him tied-for-24th in the league. Carson Wentz and Joe Burrow are tied for first with 28 sacks. Either way, if Foles doesn’t think Nagy’s play calls will work, he’d probably be better off telling him that than venting his frustrations to Griese.

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