Armie Hammer Breaks His Silence on “Vicious” Claims Amid Controversy

E! News has not confirmed the authenticity of the messages. Following the news, social media user, @houseofeffie, who claimed they received several private messages from Armie, later said their original posts were fake.

“Ok ok, I admit it. It’s all fake,” the user shared on Sunday, Jan. 10. “But it was funny wasn’t it?” 

However, on Monday, Jan. 11, @houseofeffie backtracked and claimed her original posts were real. They said, “Crazy fans went so far as to fake a DM by me.”

Furthermore, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, who was spotted with Armie back in September 2020, stated that she stood in solidarity with those coming forward, saying she believed the alleged DMs from @houseofeffie “are real.”

In a message shared to her Twitter account, which has since been made private, Jessica wrote, “I’m seeing a lot of posts going around about how I am a man-hater and I would just like to clarify: Yes. I love women, I respect women… I stand by women, and I hate men who don’t.”

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