14 Unique Gifts for the Rebellious Aquarius in Your Life

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Stuck on what to get the Aquarius in your life? We’ve been there. After all, Aquarius signs are truly one of a kind, so no ordinary gift will do. The good news is, we’ve found some really great gift ideas that are perfect for these rebellious air signs. We guarantee you’ll find something they’re sure to love. 

“Non-conforming, non-traditional Aquarius, is all about advancing humanity in new uncharted ways,” Stina Garbis, professional astrologer and @psychicstina on TikTok, told E! News. “The water bearer is a friendly, brainy, creative type who loves the unique and bizarre. Great gifts for Aquarius would be anything technologically advanced or digital. They would go wild for subscriptions to new groovy apps that make their life more streamlined or interesting.” 

Aquarius have the ability to see beauty in things that may seem weird or unusual to most. They also have a unique sense of style and love experimenting with colors. They’ll get especially excited for anything purple or aquamarine which happen to be two of their luckiest colors. 

From advanced skincare tools to tees that capture their rebellious spirit, we’ve rounded up several gifts that are perfect for Aquarius. Check those out below. 

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